is your one-stop shop for all your stairlift parts needs! We are able to use our considerable knowledge, gained over the last decade in the stairlift industry, to procure and supply parts for all lifts. We offer a comprehensive and growing range of ACORN parts for easy replacement. Rail sections, chair, motor, remotes, and much more! If your perfectly good stairlift needs a part, browse our site to find the spares you need and order online. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Simply contact us to begin a friendly chat with our specialists here on location. We are proud to offer affordable stairlift parts shipped anywhere in the world!

ACORN continues to be a leader in the stairlift industry by ways of design and innovation. Quality parts to keep your ACORN lift in great condition is important to continue providing a safe, comfortable and simple way to travel up and down your stairway. Although the lift would have been originally installed by qualified personnel, the maintenance and repair are just as important. Time is of essence! We carry a very wide variety of parts to be shipped your way in short order. The cost to get your lift back to working order is minimal and buying a new unit is not necessary!

Many of ACORN’s rail systems are custom-made and fit uniquely to the space as desired. Whether straight or curved, solutions for repair are easily found in the parts we carry. Attention to detail is important in diagnostics to easily get the stairlift functioning again to full potential. Many times failures and poor functioning are simply fixed with a new part as found on our site.

Safety sensors, digital displays, remote controls, and the power supply are part of the electrical systems of a stairlift. We offer a large inventory of tested and guaranteed electrical parts should a failure occur.

The ACORN battery is the main source of power for the stairlift, thereby continuing to provide a ride even during power outages. Although it is still plugged into an electrical outlet, the power supply is issued from the battery that is recharged at each docking station. Needing a new set of quality, powerful batteries? We offer hybride lithium sets with better durability and longevity for optimal performance.

Whether your lift is the ACORN 180 Curved, ACORN 130 Straight or ACORN Superglide 120/130, we’re here to supply parts at very low prices. Needing a tool, diagram or manual? Just drop us an email or use the Contact Us form on our site.